Testing Our Product

Oil Industry

Nanotera Bio Solutions (NTBS) surfactants, solvents and specialty products are plant-based, non-toxic, non-reactive, non-corrosive, non-hazardous, readily biodegradable and safe to use effectively in all areas of the petroleum industry. Due to their beneficial properties, they can be successfully applied in tank cleaning, equipment maintenance, oil herding, oil/water separation and rig maintenance. NTBS products clean by reducing the surface tension of the oil. By weakening the polar attraction of oil to the surface, they allow it to be rinsed from the surface and captured. The application focuses can be listed as; Enhanced Oil Recovery (for improved yields), Tank Cleaning and Soil Remediation.


Enhanced Oil Recovery

Since 1980s the use of anionic surfactants in combination with polymers has been part of EOR process. However, the use of non-ionic surfactants is drawing major attention due to their ability to better perform and be environmental friendly. Especially in low permeability reservoirs traditional polymer or alkali products cannot be introduced into the reservoir because either temperature or the salinity is too high to use polymer.


Site conditions generally determine the product type to be used. A newly developed non-ionic plant-based surfactant called Bio 10 can either be used alone or its activity can be enhanced by the addition of a water miscible solvent in order to obtain NTBS Heavy Duty Degreaser to increase the effectiveness. By doing so, while the injectivity increases and interfacial surface tension decreases, the water flooding efficacy is positively affected.


Tank Cleaning

Sludge accumulating inside the storage tanks, decreases the storage capacity in time. By removing the sludge the storage capacity can be regained, but more importantly the hydrocarbons present in the sludge can be recovered and sent to refining. Generally, sludge is made up of oil, water and solids. NTBS products help to remove the oil and water from the solids, and then further separate the oil from the water. When NTBS products are mixed with the oil, water and sludge they create a temporary micro-emulsion. Emulsion can then be separated whereas the oil can be recovered. Because of their non-VOC properties, NTBS products are safer to use for various storage tanks and vessels that require service personnel entry.


Soil / Groundwater Remediation

Soil and groundwater that have heavy hydrocarbon contamination including NAPL, DNAPL creosote and LNAPL fuel oil can be treated by using NTBS Heavy Duty Degreaser. Contaminates are surrounded by the micelles to form a temporary micro-emulsion which allows the hydrocarbon to release from the soil. The effluent can then be further treated by conventional oil water separation methods


The soil washing process involves the introduction of the contaminated soil into a treatment chamber which contains NTBS products and water. The solids are then mixed with the formulation to assure effective contact time. During the agitation the product releases the contaminants off the solids into the water phase. Following treatment, the solids and water area easily separated to yield clean solids.


Rig / Equipment Maintenance

NTBS products can be used for degreasing of any surface associated with oil production, including; rig decks, walkways, cantilevers, crane booms, pump room and bilge, portable water tanks and accommodation areas.


To prepare all rig components for painting and/or re-coating, NTBS product would provide an absolutely clean surface which improves maintenance efficiency. As NTBS products are readily biodegradable, non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-reactive they are safe to use and store throughout production facilities