Industrial & Manufacturing

The manufacturing sector offers a vast array of applications that can be addressed by Nanotera Bio Solutions products. Without sacrificing performance, Nanotera Bio Solutions industrial cleaners and solvents effectively replace traditional products that are known to create greater liability due to their negative effects on waste discharge, resulting in costly clean-up measures and penalties; additional liability results from human and environmental impact from toxic and caustic chemistries.


Major challenges in the industrial sector include precision cleaning of high quality mil specs; surface maintenance of metal processing and the machining of metals, plastics, coatings and other synthetic materials; the maintenance of dies, presses, cutting, bending and forming tools, casting moulds, lathes, polishing equipment and their cooling and heat exchanger systems, exhaust waste treatment and spill recovery systems; filtration and re-circulating systems and other CIP maintenance. Nanotera Bio Solutions products significantly reduce environmental hazards presented by routine use and spills.


Nanotera Bio Solutions range of products are effectively used in the following applications:

Metalworking/manufacturing: metal phosphating, plating, pickling, machining and forming; cleaning and lubricating shop equipment.


Waste water treatment: Oil separator, heavy metal separation and reduction of BOD, turbidity, odour.


Processing Cleaning:

Pressure washing and steam cleaning; parts washers and solvent tanks, exterior buildings, parking structures and concrete.


Facilities Maintenance:

Interior and exterior janitorial cleaning, institutional kitchens and heavy duty drain cleaning.


Nanotera Bio Solutions products are:








Safe for cleaning of and disposal down your drains not made from petroleum based chemical.


Nanotera Bio Solutions cleaners and degreasers are colloidal solutions that contain non-ionic surfactants. The result is a unique hydrocarbon release agent that can tolerate tremendous soil load.


The powerful micelle cleaning action will cause long chain hydrocarbons soils including fats, greases, oils and sugars to repel from the surface so that it can be rinsed away with water, without damaging or reacting with the cleaning surface.


Demonstrations of various products of the Bio Solutions industrial range

Effective Industrial degreaser cleaner

Effective demonstration on Graffiti removal