Industry has been slowly going through a phase of transformation over the last two decades pulling away from chemical based cleaning products and increasingly calling for plant based renewable products that work highly effectively without the potential to harm users and the environment.


Here at Nanotera Bio Solutions our scientists have been focusing on producing 100% plant based, environmentally friendly cleaning products for use throughout most industries. The goal is to create bio-degradable products whilst matching, or preferably exceeding the efficacy of traditional products which have a high impact on the companies green footprint and the planet.


Pan-globally this is a topic that is high on every government’s agenda – a desire to reduce the environmentally damaging cleaning solutions currently being employed and replace them with plant based cleaning products. Eventually it is expected that legislation will make this change compulsory in most countries.


Nanotera is working hard to deliver exactly this to industry -


Whilst we create a whole range of industrial cleaning products, we have focused on developing many products that are able to be industry specific. Alongside you will see some of the many industries that we work with. If your company doesn’t fall within these categories, don’t worry, we have other products and we are happy to create products that fit your specific needs, just contact us for more information.