Hull Cleaning

Hull Cleaning

As with other grossly soiled surfaces, begin by scraping off soils thicker than 1/16” and then spray all over from bottom to top with warm water solution of 10 to 20% solution of NTBS-1000. Allow the solution to stand for 10-20 minutes, then scrub the surface as necessary to loosen remaining soils (especially algae). Finally, rinse thoroughly with warm water (85F+) from top to bottom as necessary.


Bio Solutions products cannot remove calcites or barnacle derived enzyme adhesives. These highly acidic natural adhesives are virtually impossible to remove because they actually decompose the metal, stone glass or any other surface they attach to.


Removal of these fouling bodies requires highly corrosive acids.


NTBS-1000, Metal Cleaner™ and NTBS-Supersolve are all used by the US Navy for bilge cleaning, engine parts cleaning, aircraft cleaning and more. Since then, our Navy customers include a broad range of applications as follows:


• Bilge cleaning

• Deck cleaning

• Chain locker

• Galley cleaner

• Laundry pre-soak

• Mildew cleaner

• Armament cleaning

• Cable cleaning

• Ocean oil & fuel spill dispersant

• Corrosion inhibitor

• Fuel tank cleaning

• Sanitary system flush & tank cleaning

• Air filter enhancement