To continue your cleaning process we recommend our products for cleaning outside and loading areas. We even have products that are recommended for sales and living areas as well as farm shops, kitchens, restaurants and toilets. In fact there is nowhere on today’s modern farm where we can’t help you maintain the highest possible levels of sanitization using bio-degradable plant based products.


It goes without saying that hospitals and healthcare centres are places where you would expect only the very highest standards of cleanliness. All centres strive to achieve this but ever evolving infections and bugs constantly bring up new challenges.


Sterilisation, cleaning and disinfecting are the cornerstones of good cleanliness management to ensure that patient’s chances of leaving the hospital infection free are met and thereby improving their likelihood of an overall positive outcome. All hospitals and Medical establishments around the world employ strict cleaning procedures and their choice of cleaning products remains imperative to their chances of achieving their goals.


To maximise the chances of negating infection within a hospital, all surfaces and equipment must be subjected to stringent cleaning procedures within a strict timetable and method. This will create a safe environment through disinfecting, deep cleaning and sanitizing all areas - from hospital wards, to public areas, operating rooms, loos and staff areas.


At Nanotera our cleaning products have been designed to help eliminate surface soil, eliminating all pathogenic bacteria and viruses. In addition, as all of our products are plant based they are very safe to use and pose no threat to anybody within the hospital environment.