We are all guilty of stocking our cupboards with toxic but convenient cleaning products, without reading labels or considering the long term effects of using these chemicals in our daily lives.


Children are especially at risk from absorption of harmful chemicals used in cleaning products. Small children rub their toys over carpets and floors cleaned with toxic products, handle their toys, and put them in their mouths. Most accidental cases of poisoning involve children consuming household cleaning products with serious and sometimes fatal consequences.


Consider replacing all of your harmful cleaning products with Nanotera Bio Solutions alternatives.


Medical research shows that statistical increases in asthma related breathing problems, skin irritation, even cancer, indicate that we are using too many strong chemicals in our homes. A large number of these toxic chemicals are found in cleaning products that are ironically advertised as giving us a germ-free safe environment.


Nanotera Bio Solutions products can replace all your household chemicals with one or two innovative, safe alternatives.


Multi Purpose Cleaner:

Versatile cleaner used in the following applications:

Kitchen - surfaces, floors, cookers & hoods, plastics, glass, stainless steel.

Bathroom - tiles, sinks, taps, toilets, walls, mirrors.

Living space - upholstery, carpet spotter & shampoo, wood surfaces, floors.



Provides alternative to acids for heavy degreasing of many surfaces.


Degreasing Sanitizer:

Effective cleaning of all hard surfaces with the added bonus of a naturally derived anti- bacterial agent.


Graffiti, Tar & Gum Remover:

Effectively removes most organic and inorganic soils without harming the cleaning surface. It can be used to remove rubber marks, chewing gum, permanent marker, glue and graffiti paint from indoor and outdoor surfaces such as carpets, metals and stone.


All Nanotera Bio Solutions Products are:




Readily biodegradable

Derived from plant extracts

Safe to use, store and dispose of