In the competitive environment that we live in, it is important that we have powerful and effective products that are competitively priced and safe to use. Now when you specialise in Dairy Farming and milk production, you will recognise that cleanliness is of paramount importance to your industry.


At Nanotera Bio Solutions we manufacture and supply bio-degradable, plant based cleaning de-greasers and disinfectant products that are safe to use, safe for your animals and safe for the environment. All key concerns for today’s Dairy Farmer.


Whether it’s for cleaning the milking parlour, barns and livestock areas, calf igloos and resting areas, our products excel. They remove and disinfect areas where manure and uneaten foods lie, leaving a healthy environment for your animals. We also provide environmentally friendly, yet efficient pipeline cleaning agents and footbath products. In addition to the animal quarters our dynamic range of products also clean machinery, equipment and vehicles.


To continue your cleaning process we recommend our products for cleaning outside and loading areas. We even have products that are recommended for sales and living areas as well as farm shops, kitchens, restaurants and toilets. In fact there is nowhere on today’s modern farm where we can’t help you maintain the highest possible levels of sanitisation using bio-degradable plant based products.


Anybody who runs or works on a dairy farm will be very familiar with the regulations that demand the highest possible levels of hygiene and sanitation, and rightly so. But the processes and products come at a cost in terms of the severity of the chemical based products employed to affect the required level of cleanliness and the inherent dangers that lie within the physical usage and protection from these products.


Our highly focused scientists at Nanotera Bio Solutions have created a range of products that not only exceed in efficacy the current cleaning agents used in farming, but do so with chemical free, plant based solutions. They are safe and highly effective.


Imagine, instead of using harmful chemicals that have the potential of harming the user as well as the ongoing risk of somehow making its way into the food chain, that you could say goodbye to these risks forever?


Nanotera’s extensive range of products surpass in efficacy the markets current standards – they are FREE of all chemicals, are safe to handle and use, are PLANT BASED, 100% Bio-degradable, non-carcinogenic and environmentally friendly. That’s got to be good for everybody.


Importantly, our range of Eco-friendly products are not only highly effective but our prices are extremely competitive – we think that you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


As industry’s Eco footprints are more and more under the spotlight of government, the media and the public, a call that we think is only going to become louder and eventually becoming a regulated requirement. Why not benefit by joining us in promoting Green Cleaning, kinder for your work place, the environment, your staff, your livestock and your business bottom line.