Aviation and Transport

NTPS products are  plant based, completely non-toxic, non-corrosive, readily biodegradable and safe to use in the Aviation and Transport Industry.


Bio Solutions products are used very successfully in all areas of the transportation industry. Bio Solutions products may be used for drive-thru wash racks for buses, trucks, rail cars, auto-mobiles and interior maintenance for hard surfaces and textiles. They are effective for use on refrigerator containers, cargo holds and passenger compartments.


Bio Solutions products effectively degrease carbon soot from fuel exhaust areas to engine blocks; from runway/concrete cleaning to heavy duty equipment maintenance. Unlike most caustic cleaners, Bio Solutions products do not contain reagents that oxidise finishes, causing rust and degrading elastic materials such as rubber or vinyl, but actually improves the life of hoses, seals, gaskets, paint finishes and other hard surfaces.


Bio Solutions is a general purpose cleaner and degreaser ideally suited for cleaning trucks and heavy-duty equipment. When used without dilution, or at very low dilution, it will remove even the worst oil, grease and grime from engines.




Interior detailing

Exterior wash

Engine degreasing

Tyre and wheel cleaning

Carpet and upholstery

Heavy duty equipment


Aircraft exterior cleaning demo.

(Glasgow Airport)