Hi there I’m a fish. I’m a clean living dude and I like to wash regularly. Clean water is where it’s at! I just love to swim into a nice clean cold environment and shake myself fresh. It’s great!!


Now that’s what I like. Here’s what I get…


Dirty water. Stagnating Ponds. Polluted rivers. Algae clogging up the lochs and lakes. Sewage running into the sea. Don’t you guys realise what you are doing to me. Do you care???


If this is you can I ask you to call Keith Allan on ….


Or alternatively….


The fishing and aquaculture industry is of prime importance to the British Economy. A good sterile environment is important for the fish farming industry. Especially when we are dealing with the development of fish, from roe and eggs to full grown development. This is equally important to fin fish and shell fish development.


Every surface needs to be hygienically clean. These challenges call for exceptional solutions and our bio cleaning solutions provide just that. We can offer you solutions to disinfect and sanitise all of your working areas, whether that is disinfecting new stock and breeding tanks, or cleaning the transportation tanks and even the vehicles themselves! We also have cleaning solutions that will take care of general working areas, including degreasing and sanitising products.


Here at Nanotera Bio Solutions our scientists have been focusing on producing 100% plant based, environmentally friendly cleaning products for use throughout most industries. The goal is to create bio-degradable products whilst matching, or preferably exceeding the efficacy of traditional products which have a high impact on the companies green footprint and the planet.


All of our products are plant based, safe to handle and use, are 100% biodegradable and will not harm the fish, or the food chain in any way whatsoever. We can take care of all of your cleaning needs with environmentally friendly, but efficient, cost effective products.


Our products work quickly and effectively, no matter how hard and stubborn your challenge is