Whether it’s arable farming, cattle or pigs, poultry or sheep, goats or horses, viticulture or forestry that you specialise in, you will recognise that cleanliness is of paramount importance to your industry.


At Nanotera Bio Solutions we manufacture and supply bio-degradable, plant based cleaning de-greasers and disinfectant products that are safe to use, safe for your animals and safe for the environment. All key concerns for today’s farmer.


Whether it’s for cleaning stables, rearing pens, calf igloos and resting areas, our products excel. They remove and disinfect areas where manure and uneaten foods lie, leaving a healthy environment for your animals. In poultry farms our cleaning agents and disinfectant help eliminate viruses, bacteria and pests. In addition to the animal quarters our dynamic range of products also clean machinery, equipment and your fleet of vehicles.


To continue your cleaning process we recommend our products for cleaning outside and loading areas. We even have products that are recommended for sales and living areas as well as farm shops, kitchens, restaurants and toilets. In fact there is nowhere on today’s modern farm where we can’t help you maintain the highest possible levels of sanitization using bio-degradable plant based products.