"Dedicated to protecting the environment"

About Nanotera Bio Solutions (NTBS)

Nanotera Bio Solutions is a subsidiary of Nanotera Pollution Solutions, part of the Nanotera Group. Nanotera Pollution Solutions is a technology development and technology transfer organisation in the Environment, Energy and Health fields, based in Ireland, with its Head Offices in Dublin. Nanotera Bio Solutions has a large manufacturing, blending and distribution operation in South West Scotland where it formulates and blends a broad range of Bio Solutions, comprising numerous non-toxic plant based surfactants / solvents / hydro carbon removers / releasing agents / degreasers & general cleaners.

Nanotera Bio Solutions was born to introduce higher quality, plant based solutions to replace chemical and hazardous products. We manufacture Surfactants, Solvents and Disinfectants and we own the IP of all of our product range.

Dedicated to protecting the environment, Nanotera Bio Solutions currently supply our powerful and superior cleaning and separating agents to the following industries:

-Industrial Cleaning

-Health Care








-Oil & Gas

-And many other applications


Our team of highly skilled scientists, experts, consultants and technicians have a track record of resolving environmental challenges. There are no chemicals, no harm to local flora and fauna, no creation of secondary pollution or hiding the pollution with any of our products. All of our products are effective alternatives to the many traditional toxic chemicals and solvents which they have all used in the past.


Nanotera Bio Solutions has developed the above technologies and solutions considering as a priority, their sustainability, their potential for ecological, economic, political and cultural dimensions. Our innovative methods, technologies and solutions are always: Green, Ecological and Sustainable


The company is in the process of opening a manufacturing / blending operation in the Middle East to serve the GCC countries.


Our Philosophy

Worldwide attitude's continue to change towards the impact that industry generally has on the environment.  Our expectations is that over the next few years there will be significant changes to policies and legislation surrounding the misuse of dangerous and toxic chemicals that are currently being used. Our products offer a direct replacement to these toxic chemicals, providing a safer and environmentally friendly alternative without compromising in most cases and often improving efficacy.


Our aim is to educate the major industries to the benefits of changing to safer alternatives for the future.